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About MaureenMaureen SullivanCandidate for 11th Ward Alderman

Bridgeport's own community organizer, Maureen Sullivan. Highly visible for nearly ten years across the near South Side, Maureen is ready to fight for a New 11th Ward. Read her bio and check out what she stands for.

Get A Sullivan Sign!

Get A Sullivan campaign Sign! They're going like hotcackes because people all over the 11th want to tell the block they've had enough of business as usual. Proudly display our sharp Sullivan For Alderman sign in our campaign red and white colors. Send us your contact info and we'll get a sign to you right away.

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The Primary Election Is February 24th...

...but we have work to do right now. The old-boy leadership of the 11th Ward has had their chance. Decades of turning their backs on the community has resulted in eyesores, declining services, rising crime, lowered opportunity and a persistent lack of accountability.

This election is different. This is the time that we take our community back from the people whose idea of public service is to help themselves.

Join Maureen Sullivan in the fight for the New 11th Ward!

The problem isn't the political process. The problem is who we're electing. Who we're believing. Who we're trusting. And that's why I ask you to elect me Alderman of the 11th Ward. Because -- thank god -- I'm not a politician.

— Maureen Sullivan