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    Thanks To My Supporters And Opponents

    Recently this evening the last two precincts finally reported in. Barring an unlikely reversal based on absentee ballots which are yet to be counted, the final vote count has 51.61% of 11ith Ward voters coming together to oppose Patrick Daley Thompson, forcing him into a runoff with John Kozlar on April 7th.

    I am very proud to claim a significant hand in this outcome, even though my campaign for Alderman in 2015 is over. I want to thank my beloved team and my 1,519 supporters for coming out in the brutal cold and making history in our ward. Our campaign always had an uphill battle, and the great amount we accomplished with the fewest dollars and least campaign experience will be studied for as long as there are women who want to change the status quo. I thank you all for that victory.

    I next want to thank my opponents John and Patrick for their strong and positive candidacies and also for the good judgement both showed during the campaign in repeatedly echoing pieces of my own platform. May the ideas that I brought become policy, for the good of all of the 11th Ward.

    What the future holds is unclear, but two things are certain:

    For now, business as usual is over in the 11th.

    And I will be back.

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    Congratulations To The Next Mayor Of Chicago: Chuy Garcia

    (While the 19th and 29th precincts are still out with zero results as of this time, I am withholding comment on the 11th Ward race. What follows is my statement on the Mayoral race.)

    The Rahm Emanuel administration has been a disaster for the 11th Ward and for Chicago. From the far north of our ward, where Emanuel’s closures of mental health facilities have dumped patients seeking services at the Pacific Garden Mission, to the far south, where crime and the economic health of our neighbors get an indifferent shrug from City Hall, the 11th Ward needs to stand with the rest of Chicago and send Rahm Emanuel back to Wilmette.

    I was in the streets with Chicago teachers fighting Emanuel’s public school closings, and when I saw the teachers union back Chuy Garcia for Mayor, I immediately invited Garcia to the 11th Ward to the same kind of events I appeared at with Bob Fioretti throughout my  campaign. I am sad that Bob’s message didn’t get out, but today I join my many friends who already work for Chuy’s campaign for Mayor.

    Today, I am wholeheartedly endorsing and supporting Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for Mayor of Chicago in the April runoff. We have a chance to elect a bona fide progressive who withstood millions of dollars of attacks from Emanuel’s obscenely huge war chest stuffed with pay-to-play cash. We have a chance to retake City Hall from the forces that attack working families every day. We need someone who sees Chicago as the world-class city that it is, not a springboard for national office or a profit center for privatization.

    For these reasons and more, I urge all 11th Ward voters to cast their ballot on April 7th for Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for Mayor of Chicago.


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    Video: Saving The Ramova Grill

    Did you know that the interior of Bridgeport’s beloved Ramova Grill is still around? In 2012, when it closed, I worked with the owners and other preservationists to keep it in the neighborhood so our community could enjoy it. That’s when I found a solution and led the project to land it at Benton House on Gratten Ave.

    I love our neighborhood so much, and I know so many of my neighbors share that love. Because you might not know that the Ramova Grill isn’t really gone, I thought I should mention it — and ask that you keep it in mind when you’re voting on February 24th for 11th Ward Alderman. Thanks.

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    White Sox Pitchers And Catchers Report To Spring Training!

    Yes, it’s a political campaign. Yes, the issues are incredibly important. Yes, the election will have far-reaching implications for the future of the city and the 11th Ward.

    All true.

    But today the White Sox pitchers and catchers have reported to Glendale!  The offseason is over! White Sox spring training has begun!

    Chris Sale! Johnny Danks! José Quintana! Jeff Samardzija! Tyler Flowers!

    Word is lots of position players have already reported too —  Conor Gillaspe! Jose Abreu(!!), Mica Johnson!

    The Sox pickups have been stupendous this offseason (Emilio Bonifacio, Adam LaRoche, Melky Cabrera, Samardzjia) both Garcias are back online, and David Robertson, replacement to no less than Mariano Rivera is closing it up.

    This year the AL Central is guaranteed to be a madhouse, and our beloved White Sox will be on the top floor!

    Stay on top of the White Sox all year at South Side Sox!

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    Check On Your Neighbors In This Brutally Cold Weather

    As some truly brutal and very cold weather settles on Chicago, I implore you to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, to make sure that heating is working in their homes.  If you or your neighbors have problems with heat, call 3-1-1- immediately. Don’t mess around with this weather, because it can kill.

    Remember that landlords must heat residential buildings to at least 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees overnight. If you are unable to resolve a heating problem with your landlord, call 3-1-1.

    Click here for a list of tips and city services and warming centers that will help fight off the bitter cold. 


    A Warming Center is a heated facility where Chicagoans can go to find safe refuge from extreme weather.

    The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) operates six Warming Centers during work weekdays when temperatures dip below 32 degrees. Additional facilities are opened as needed including Senior Centers, libraries, and Park District buildings. The Warming Centers that DFSS operates are not open on weekday holidays unless specifically indicated. This is why it is so important to contact 3-1-1 for Warming Center information, especially during off hours or on holidays.

    The Garfield Center, located at 10 S. Kedzie Avenue, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to connect residents to emergency shelter.

    Call 3-1-1 to locate a Warming Center in your area.

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    11th Ward Potholes Are Tearing Our Cars Apart

    We all know it. The state of the pavement on 11th Ward streets is terrible. And the responsibility lies with the Ward office on 37th and Halsted where Patrick Daley Thompson has his desk.

    Worse, we pay through the nose for these potholes twice – first in ever-increasing property tax on our homes (or in heightened rent payments), then once more when we need to pay mechanic bills for work on our cars due to the constant smashing and bashing of our wheels.

    While I’m a big fan and supporter of Jay and Don over at Herman’s Quality Service in Canaryville, I don’t want to see them more than I have to for wheel alignment, struts, shocks, etc.

    When elected Alderman, I will address head-on the problem of our bad street and viaduct conditions. You can tell I will because the 11th Ward’s most effective activist for viaducts, Dr. Michelle Fennessy, is a supporter of mine. Michelle and I share an interventionist outlook on the street problems our ward faces and we do not let gridlock stop us from getting results.

    The problem is about service. You have seen me serving our community for ten years.

    I will only step it up — and fix our streets — when elected Alderman.

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    In Memoriam: Ald. JoAnn Thompson

    I was distressed to hear the news of the passing of Alderman JoAnn Thompson of the 16th Ward.

    Alderman Thompson and I worked together on helping the St. Rose Center, a community center for disabled adults in the Back Of The Yards neighborhood. While assisting the Center as an administrative volunteer, I needed Alderman Thompson’s help on a variety of issues.

    Because she held regular Ward Nights in the 16th, it was easy to set up meetings with her. She gave us help with Illinois state funding the Center was due but had not received, and she wrote letters to state officials including Governor Quinn to get things moving once again. I will always remember her availability and effectiveness.

    I offer my sincerest condolences to her family, friends and her constituents. She will be missed.


  • bobnmaureen

    Ten Reasons Bob Fioretti Is A Badass

    Bob Fioretti and I fought together on the front lines to keep threatened public schools open. We’re a pair of South Siders who reject pay-to-play government, and for that reason among many others I support Bob’s bid for Mayor.

    When we saw it last week, everybody in the Sullivan camp loved the Buzzfeed article “Nine Reasons Bob Fioretti Is A Badass” and we decided to republish it.

    But we noticed they overlooked at least one reason Bob is a badass. We’ll add that tenth reason here:

    #10: Bob Fioretti  has never wavered in his demand for an elected school board. He opposes the Deborah Quazzos and the David Vitales who weigh down CPS with their utter lack of qualification, monumental conflicts of interest, and reliance on wasteful bond issues including toxic interest rate swaps. Everybody in Chicago with a stake in sustainable public education has always had a true blue ally in Bob Fioretti.

    And now from Buzzfeed: the other nine reasons Bob Fioretti is a badass: Click here.


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    Patrick Thompson Was Partner At Law Firm That Sells Out Working Families

    Do you know what outsourcing is?

    That’s when a company takes away jobs from Americans and sends them overseas where they pay workers less.

    The company doesn’t care how much the American working family is hurt when the job is taken away. The company doing outsourcing doesn’t feel it owes the worker anything.

    Outsourcing is what lawyers like Patrick Daley Thompson call it.

    But I like plain language, so I just call it what it is: selling out our working families.

    Companies look for help selling out working families. They come to the law firm where Patrick Daley Thompson was a partner to get that help.

    DLA Piper is the law firm Patrick was partner at before 2011.

    It’s a firm that makes a lot of money hurting our working families. They make money by helping their clients take away good paying jobs from American workers to send those jobs to places like Asia and Europe.

    DLA Piper makes so much money hurting working families, they have a whole website dedicated to their outsourcing practice. It’s called dlapiperoutsourcing.com

    It’s where they brag about how good they are at sending jobs overseas. About how easy they make it for their clients to do.



    And if they hurt enough American working families, they even win awards at it.

    Patrick Daley Thompson worked at DLA Piper when it won its 2010 Outsourcing Advisory Of The Year award.

    Patrick was a partner at DLA Piper, which means he should have known what the firm was doing, why, and to whom.

    Never Forget Why This Matters

    Look around you. Think of the last ten, twenty, thirty years in the 11th Ward.

    Do you see more economic opportunity or less? Do you see more crime or less? Are people working crazier hours, more part-time jobs, just to make ends meet?

    Are working people struggling more, or less?

    You know the answer. Things are worse, not better for working families.

    There is a reason things are worse and jobs are fewer.

    There are fewer jobs because there is big money to be made taking them away. That’s what Patrick Daley Thompson’s law firm does and did when he was partner there.

    American working families just aren’t important to DLA Piper, its clients or its partners, like Patrick Daley Thompson.

    I’ve talked about this since Labor Day.  February 24 is our chance to remember who stands up for working families in our community.

    And to remember who steps on them.

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    Sullivan Responds To Sun-Times, Imitators

    Fact: The ideas the Sun-Times credits to my opponents in this weekend’s piece have been part of my platform since Day One.

    Fact: I am the only candidate who released a platform on the day I announced.

    Fact: I am the only candidate who hasn’t changed my platform to match my opponents.

    What does this say to you?

    The Ramova Rookie

    My thanks to the Sun-Times Editorial board for the chance to interview last week. To the board, I’d like to mention an editorial item.

    There is a missing word in the above Sun-Times article. The word is “also”.

    It belongs after the words “John Kozlar” and before “wants to the restore the Ramova Theater”.

    That word should be there, because as our neighbors are very well aware, for no less than ten years, I have been fighting for that theater –and I’ve been winning funds and awards for it.

    So it’s only fair to say Mr. Kozlar also wants to restore it.

    More importantly, it needs to be said that Mr. Kozlar has to date fielded no realistic nor even professional-grade plan.

    Meanwhile, my plans have been honored twice by the Illinois Institute of Technology, and my own stewardship of the building is what resulted in $330,000 in damage stabilization funds to repair holes in its roof.

    With all due respect, the fact is my opponent John Kozlar is a Johnny-come-lately to the Ramova cause.

    And our neighbors know it, even if the Sun-Times doesn’t.

    Patrick Daley Thompson: Simply Not Focused On The 11th Ward

    It was about one week ago when I reminded the packed crowd at the Trinity candidate forum that I was the only candidate who had translated any part of my campaign website into Chinese and Spanish.

    Sure enough, look at what has magically appeared at Patrick Daley Thompson’s campaign website in the time since: language translation.


    This says two things to me:

    First, it says that I lead this campaign. I literally lead it, meaning that I show the challengers what to do — then we all watch them do it.

    Like my Ramova work, this imitation is a sincere form of flattery.

    Second, it says very loudly that for the first five months of this campaign, Patrick Daley Thompson never considered the thousands of 11th Ward residents who speak Chinese or Spanish. He did not notice them. He did not think of them. The needs of thousands of our neighbors did not cross his mind.

    This is totally unacceptable from someone who claims to represent the 11th Ward and is asking for the job.

    It speaks to a mindset focused anywhere but here. It suggests he’s thinking about somewhere else.

    Where is he focused?  I think it’s on downtown.

    I think he’s focused on his big shot legal clients who come seeking easy tax treatment and handouts of our hard-earned tax money. Focused on the Wacker Drive high rise condo developments that he prints and sends pictures of in his mailings.

    But we need an Alderman who is focused on us — not past us.

    I will be that Alderman. That is exactly why I’m running.

    Running Out Of Time 

    We have three weeks before the election on February 24th. That means my opponents are running out of time to take my work and pretend it’s their own.

    Go ahead, guys — there’s plenty more where that came from.

    Just remember: we all see you doing it.

    [Photo: Derek Johnson]

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