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    Patrick Daley Thompson Accepts Sullivan’s Call For Unity

    Following Maureen Sullivan‘s December 18th call for unity against campaign hate attacks in the 11th Ward Aldermanic race, Patrick Daley Thompson two days later posted upon his website a call for all candidates to “run a fair, positive campaign”.

    In the December 20th post entitled “Fair Campaign Pledge”, Daley Thompson wrote “Let’s have spirited dialogue. Let’s engage in the free exchange of ideas. Let’s challenge one another. But in doing so, let’s all be positive, professional and respectful.  Our voters and our residents deserve nothing less”

    The message from the candidate appeared two days after Sullivan called for “resolve to focus on the issues that are important to voters” after the appearance of anonymous hate attacks on her in the form of street stickers leveling moral charges.  “There are significant differences between the candidates, but I don’t believe that any of us endorses this kind of deeply disrespectful personal attack,” said Sullivan in a post that day.

    “Our campaign has never used anonymous street postings and we never will,” said Sullivan today. “I’m glad to hear that Patrick Daley Thompson has chosen to distance himself from these hate stickers, and I’m encouraged that our campaign continues to set the tone in dialog.”

    “I absolutely welcome all fair comparisons of candidates based upon on record and history in this race,” she added.