• Maureen Sullivan Will Use Technology To Improve Service

    In her ten years of unpaid public service to the people of the 11th Ward, and in her multi-decade business career, Maureen Sullivan‘s command of computer technology has enabled and empowered her every step of the way. From building websites to mounting giant online petition drives, from managing email lists to building databases, it’s Maureen Sullivan who knows that technology is key to public service effectiveness. When she is elected the Ward’s next Alderman, she will put her deep knowledge to work for our community.  How exactly? Here are the specifics:

    • When someone calls Maureen’s office needing help, their request will be entered into our database, called CiviCRM. The single most powerful open source application for constituent relationship management, CiviCRM will track the requests and all related information for her staff.
    • All requests will be assigned to a staff member who will be responsible for managing the outcome. If someone needs a garbage can, a tree branch trimmed or attention with a problem building, our system will collect and focus the details and steps necessary to get the job done — fast.
    • Using email, phone and SMS contact methods, Maureen’s Ward office will stay in touch with constituents, reacting to changes in the situation and seeing the work through.
    • The days of the Ward office ignoring requests will be finally over.  Her database systems already manage thousands of records and track jobs routinely: we will apply her management technology experience to the problem of unresponsive government.

    Government is an incredibly important job. This is not a time to elect anyone who doesn’t understand the best technology tools for that job. This is a time to elect someone who has spent decades using specific technology to solve problems.

    This is a time to elect Maureen Sullivan.