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    Ten Reasons Bob Fioretti Is A Badass

    Bob Fioretti and I fought together on the front lines to keep threatened public schools open. We’re a pair of South Siders who reject pay-to-play government, and for that reason among many others I support Bob’s bid for Mayor.

    When we saw it last week, everybody in the Sullivan camp loved the Buzzfeed article “Nine Reasons Bob Fioretti Is A Badass” and we decided to republish it.

    But we noticed they overlooked at least one reason Bob is a badass. We’ll add that tenth reason here:

    #10: Bob Fioretti  has never wavered in his demand for an elected school board. He opposes the Deborah Quazzos and the David Vitales who weigh down CPS with their utter lack of qualification, monumental conflicts of interest, and reliance on wasteful bond issues including toxic interest rate swaps. Everybody in Chicago with a stake in sustainable public education has always had a true blue ally in Bob Fioretti.

    And now from Buzzfeed: the other nine reasons Bob Fioretti is a badass: Click here.


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    Maureen Sullivan Endorsed By Chicago Teachers Union

    In a Wednesday session of the Chicago Teacher’s Union endorsement committee, progressive 11th Ward Aldermanic candidate Maureen Sullivan was selected in an overwhelming vote by the union membership over her Aldermanic challenger Patrick Daley Thompson. Thompson had been originally proposed by union leadership.

    “I couldn’t be more honored by the Chicago Teachers Union’s decision to endorse my candidacy,” said Sullivan, a school council member at McClellan Elementary in Bridgeport. “I owe this outcome to the CTU rank and file who I worked with closely fighting the recent wave of public school closings that threatened Armour, McClellan and Graham elementary schools,” she said.

    The reversal decision for Sullivan and against Daley Thompson came in two steps. CTU leadership originally proposed endorsing Thompson, a move that sparked contention over the last three days following the proposal’s appearance.

    At the meeting, 11th Ward resident teachers and numerous supporters of Sullivan, keenly aware of Thompson’s pro-charter, pro-voucher and anti-elected-school-board stances, led the membership in a move to strike Thompson’s name from the endorsement resolution.

    After winning the vote to strike Thompson’s endorsement, an energized union rank and file introduced a second amendment, this time to endorse Sullivan. After debate, the membership took a voice vote which was overwhelmingly in favor.

    CTU’s nod comes as welcome news for the Bridgeport native’s staunchly progressive, grassroots campaign against the legendary 11th Ward political machine.

    “This endorsement is a victory for working families and everyone who understands that a neighborhood’s economic health drives education outcomes,” said Sullivan “Our public education system is under attack by pay-to-play privatizers. In this election, I am proud to stand with public school teachers, families and students to say enough is enough.”

    [Above: Maureen Sullivan leads a class on machine politics at University of Chicago last week.  Photo: Brian Cerullo]


    We saved McClellan!

    [Above: Maureen Sullivan campaigns in Fuller Park against public school closures in 2012.  Photo: Derek Johnson]