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    Thanks To My Supporters And Opponents

    Recently this evening the last two precincts finally reported in. Barring an unlikely reversal based on absentee ballots which are yet to be counted, the final vote count has 51.61% of 11ith Ward voters coming together to oppose Patrick Daley Thompson, forcing him into a runoff with John Kozlar on April 7th.

    I am very proud to claim a significant hand in this outcome, even though my campaign for Alderman in 2015 is over. I want to thank my beloved team and my 1,519 supporters for coming out in the brutal cold and making history in our ward. Our campaign always had an uphill battle, and the great amount we accomplished with the fewest dollars and least campaign experience will be studied for as long as there are women who want to change the status quo. I thank you all for that victory.

    I next want to thank my opponents John and Patrick for their strong and positive candidacies and also for the good judgement both showed during the campaign in repeatedly echoing pieces of my own platform. May the ideas that I brought become policy, for the good of all of the 11th Ward.

    What the future holds is unclear, but two things are certain:

    For now, business as usual is over in the 11th.

    And I will be back.