Did you know the borders of the 11th Ward have been redrawn?


The New 11th Ward: Click to view at full size

To see the map at its largest size, use your browser’s zoom feature (Ctrl-click the “+” key to zoom in) and/or click with the magnifying glass tool.

While it’s true that our campaign theme is Fight For A New 11th Ward, that’s more than a slogan. The borders of the 11th have changed significantly this time around.

It was 2012 when this new map was adopted by the City Council. Long story short for the 11th Ward remap, it’s goodbye McKinley Park (moved to the 12th Ward) and hello Maxwell Panhandle, Pilsen Arts District and University Commons / UIC.  Much of the new northern area comes from the former 2nd Ward.


It is important to know if you’re an 11th Ward voter!  As the final information continues to come in, we will share it with you. Look for precinct maps, address lookups and polling place information to be shared by our campaign.

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