You cannot register to vote at the polling place for the February 24th 2015 Municipal General Election. You must register beforehand.

The good news is that registering to vote has never been easier.  To register online for anywhere in Illinois, follow this link.

Voter Registration

Remember: without you showing up to the polls, there can be no change.  It’s easy to see what’s wrong with our political leadership. But it’s harder to remember that changing it absolutely means you have to show up — to register and cast your vote.

So ask yourself:

  • Am I registered to vote in Illinois? Illinois citizens may check to see if they are registered to vote.
  • Are you registered?  Illinois citizens may register to vote online.
  • Have you read the rules? The pamphlet, Registering to Vote in Illinois, describes the rules and procedures surrounding the voter registration process in Illinois. An individual may register to vote in Illinois if he/she is 18 years or older on the next election day, resides in the jurisdiction for 30 days prior to the election, and is a U.S. citizen.
  • Did you know Illinois’ residents may register in person at the office of the election authority, at Driver’s license facilities, with deputy registrars who are appointed in each jurisdiction, or via mail using the Illinois Voter Registration Application available in English and Spanish?
  • Did you know Illinois citizens residing overseas and military personnel may register using a Federal postcard application found on the Federal Voting Assistance Program website. Other questions maybe answered using the Military and Overseas Voter Guidelines?
  • Did you know that registration is closed during the 27 days prior to an election. For the upcoming primary, that means registration ends on January 28th.
  • Individuals who miss the deadline may register or transfer their registration at the office of the election authority under the guidelines of grace period registration.

Early Voting

Did you know you can vote early – by mail?  You can!  Registered voters don’t need any reason or excuse – just a postage stamp and a form. Check out the Chicago Board of Elections page on early voting here.

Stay Informed About Voting In The 11th Ward